founded by christopher and ellen allred, the creation of a2 design studio was set in motion when our work was done mainly in crayon and our only exhibition space was the family refrigerator. in the years since, our techniques have been refined and our mediums have changed but our purpose is still the same; to bring our bold creative sensibility to every project we undertake.

our paths first crossed while studying architecture at the university of north carolina at charlotte but we didn’t exactly hit it right off. we did, however, maintain a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work and process.

after many years honing our skills working with some terrific local architecture and design firms, we decided it was finally time to begin our own endeavor. a firm that would give us the creative freedom we had longed for and allow us to bring our personal creative sensibility to highlight our client’s specific needs.

although trained and worked in the architecture field, our passion for design and the process has expanded our professional horizons beyond architecture into a wide range of design disciplines including print and digital media as well as identity/company branding.

our goal is simple, to exceed our client’s expectations each and every time with a belief in thoughtful minimalism. a great design is complete, not when you’ve run out of things to add but instead when you’re run out of things to take away.

we strive to come up with designs and solutions that are thoughtful and meaningful and explore new ideas and inspiration for our clients and ourselves and have a little fun in the process.